Watch: Two cops shot at Minnesota city council meeting

Video shows council meeting where two cops were shot

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An unidentified assailant opened fire on two police officers on Monday during a city council meeting in New Hope, Minnesota, moments after the two officers were sworn into the city’s police force.

The gunman was killed by police and the two officers are listed in good condition and are expected to survive, according to a report from NBC News. Police are investigating the shooting, but have not revealed a motive.

Raw video from the meeting shows New Hope council members sitting on the dais as the shots are fired, which can be heard in the background. The council members are briefly bewildered before someone shouts “Get down, get down. Everybody get down.”


One council member, who has been identified by the local NBC affiliate as John Elder, drew his gun while crouching behind the dais. Mr Elder reportedly is a member of the Minneapolis Police Department.

More than a minute into the video a police officer comes into the city hall chamber, gun drawn, to sweep for security threats, but none were found. No additional information has been made available by authorities.


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