Weed store in Washington that opened this month is only publicly-owned pot shop in the US

All profits from Cannabis Corner will return to the community

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North Bonneville is home to about 1,000 people in southern Washington, just across the Columbia River from Oregon. It also is home to the only publicly owned marijuana store in the US.

The Cannabis Corner opened its doors earlier this month and sells a variety of pot products with proceeds going back to the North Bonneville government.


Town officials are hoping the Cannabis Corner can help boost revenue and tourism in a struggling small town, one that can serve as a model for other municipalities looking to go into the weed business.

“It's a really great solution for these small, rural communities that need to raise a little bit of revenue,” Robyn Legun, general manager of Cannabis Corner, told Reuters. “I think it's a really viable option for other towns and cities like this.”

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North Bonneville officials have projected that the store could generate about $200,000 per year in additional revenue, or about 20 per cent of the city’s budget, according to WTVR.

Recreational marijuana stores began opening in Colorado and Washington in 2014, after voters approved such pot use in 2012 for people aged 21 and older. But Cannabis Corner is the first publicly owned store to open. Alaska and Oregon also have passed laws allowing recreations pot use.

North Bonneville does not have any schools within its borders and the store is located away from parks and other areas frequented by children, as required by law.


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