What did you learn in prison? Reddit examines the unexpected habits picked up inside

While some reported that they had become tidier people as a result of prison, others had rather more surprising experiences to share

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Misconceptions abound when it comes to the prison experience. Whether it comes to being tidy or not sharing food at meal times, the public love to speculate.

But Reddit users have provided an insight, creating a thread of inmate experiences and lesson learned while doing time.

Among some of the more obvious lessons, like learning to be tidier, or self-discipline, there were a few surprises too.

While many users suggested that the habits learned in prison were often ones that would be beneficial to inmates when they were released back into society, some showed that prison is still the tough place depicted in films.

It is however, good to to realise that not all prison experiences ended badly. Some, from the tone of their comments, managed to come away from the entire experience wiser for their time.