What the stars say for McCain and Obama

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Forget opinion polls – the result is written in the stars. The author of Political Astrology, Michael O'Reilly, explains: "A major outer planet opposition between traditional, security-oriented Saturn and progressive, revolutionary Uranus takes place on Election Day, and promises to bring historical shifts in the socio-economic landscape."

John McCain

McCain was born with his Virgo Sun in the seventh house of partners. This describes how his political fortunes are directly related to his choice of partners, personal and political. His heiress wife Cindy helped him gain a foothold in Arizona politics, and his choice of Sarah Palin as running mate ignited his candidacy.

McCain was born with a celestial advantage: his Mars in Leo is a planetary signature shared by 10 of the 42 presidents. Something about the boldness and self-confidence of Mars in Leo assures many voters that he would make a good Commander-in-Chief.

Although McCain characterises himself as a "maverick", he was born with Saturn rising, helping his opponents identify him with the old guard and the disastrous Bush policies. McCain's Jupiter is in an extremely favourable place, but his age and conservative voting record (Saturn) indicate he's more connected with old ideologies. He's not the liberating Uranian influence that most American voters are looking for.

Barack Obama

Like Bill Clinton and two other presidents, Obama was born with his Sun in Leo, giving an inherent royal attitude that many Americans find unappealing. To win, the Leo who would be king must demonstrate humility and wage a populist campaign.

With Aquarius rising, Obama is seen by astrologers as the herald of a New Age – someone who knows how to use the internet, how to network grassroots support and how to bridge the gap between cultures, races and religions.

Uranus, the ruler of his horoscope, has a rare, precise alignment with the US national horoscope. This has brought him an ability to electrify crowds. His slogan of "Change" is the right sentiment for these times. Obama's Saturn is well placed in Capricorn, where it has helped him earn a reputation as a sure-footed mountain goat, never missing a step. His interest in embracing new ideas (Uranus) while upholding traditional American values and institutions (Saturn) has captured the imagination.

Michael O'Reilly is a professional astrologer living in Oregon. Read more of his predictions at www.neptunecafe.com or email him at wolfstar3@aol.com