White Ohio woman who tried to sue clinic for black sperm donation has case thrown out

Jennifer Cramblett argued that she was not 'culturally prepared' to raise a mixed-race child

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A white Ohio woman who said she was not "culturally prepared" to raise a mixed-race child after becoming impregnated by a black sperm donor has had her court case thrown out.

Jennifer Cramblett said she chose a white donor with her partner but was impregnated by a black sperm donor through a fault of Midwest Sperm Bank - which has since found it made a clerical error and given her a partial refund.

As The Independent reported in October last year, Ms Cramblett and her partner stated that they love their two-year-old daughter Payton very much but that bringing her up in the conservative area of Uniontown, Ohio, which is an “all-white neighbourhood”, had been stressful.

And she said that her “all white and unconsciously insensitive family” which has never fully embraced her homosexuality could have a negative effect on Payton while she is growing up.

But now her case for "wrongful birth" has just been dismissed by DuPage County judge Ronald Sutter, according to the Chicago Tribune.

He agreed with the clinic's attorney that the charge only pertains for cases where medical negligence leads to the birth of an unhealthy child - whereas her daughter was born healthy and well.

Instead, the judge said Ms Cramblett could refile her lawsuit against Midwest Sperm Bank under a negligence claim.

The couple also claimed in the lawsuit that Uniontown was “too racially intolerant”, The Independent reported last year, and have been advised to move to a more racially diverse area by Ms Cramblett’s therapist. She and her partner were seeking $50,000 (£31,000) and are expected back in court in December this year.