Windswept Pope gives sermon to pilgrims at Copacabana beach


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It seems even His Holiness is not safe from a wardrobe malfunction, as his mantle blew right over his face in the middle of his speech in Copacabana beach.

The Pope was speaking on the fourth day of a week-long trip to Brazil to celebrate World Youth Day. In spite of the windy weather and rain, he kept his cool and continued speaking as a papal aide re-arranged his mantle.

On his first trip overseas as Pope, he visited favelas in the Latin American city - slum areas which are currently part of a national battle over poverty and inequality - before visiting Copacabana, which is one of the richer areas of the city.

The Argentinian Pope is said to be wearing out papal aides, who have grown exhausted by the addition of extra events to an already-packed itinerary. His spokesman, the Reverend Federico Lombardi, said the pace of life at the Vatican had sped up ever since the 76-year-old arrived, saying bureaucrats are now 'stressed out'.

"I'm happy we're halfway through because if it were any longer, I'd be destroyed", he joked.