As the weather cleared on Sunday, after two days of a snowstorm that pummeled America's East Coast, more than 200 people took to the centre of Washington DC for a giant snowball fight.

The participants gathered at Dupont Circle in the US capital for the annual 'Blizzard of 2016' event and made the most of nearly 20 inches of snow that had fallen.

This year, after being snowed in for two days, many people had extra time to get creative and make the snowball battle a bit more dramatic.

As the video above shows, a few participants dressed as different comics and movie characters, such as Captain America.


A group of friends, dressed as wild animals, just gave their last Halloween costumes another spin in the snow. 

"We all gifted it to each other for Halloween and then we decided it would be a good idea to bring to the snowball fight. Zoo animals on the loose, nothing is more dangerous than that," said one of them.

Storm Jonas brought Washington DC to a standstill over the weekend, forcing 11 states to declare a state of emergency.