Winter Storm Jonas: Seven ways to survive the US blizzard

Having a flashlight is essential in case of a black out.

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70 million Americans are expected to be affected by extremely cold weather and snowstorms this weekend, as Storm Jonas hits the east coast of the United States.

Forecasts have reported up to two feet of snow is likely to sweep across parts of West Virginia, Washington, Baltimore, New York City and Boston.

If you find yourself caught up in the storm; these are seven essential tips to help you survive the storm.

Stay inside: Keep yourself warm and avoid leaving the house from Friday night. By Sunday, the storm should have left New England and the weather will ease.

Stock up for the weekend: You should ensure there is enough supplies of water and food, especially high carbohydrate foods like pasta, rice or potatoes.

Wear adequate clothes: Make sure you have extra hats, socks and blankets at the ready. The US National Weather Service recommends the use of mittens rather than gloves to keep your hands warmer for longer.

Supermarkets emptied as Washington DC prepares for Winter Storm Jonas

Keep a flashlight nearby in case of a black out: Not only can you keep reading that book, but you should also be able to walk around without hurting yourself.

Have a battery-powered radio: To listen to weather forecasts and keep yourself updated on the situation.

Charge your mobile phone in advance: Fully charge your mobile phone on Friday and use it sparingly to save battery for any potential emergency calls.

Put rock salt on pavements: To avoid slipping over and get ready to do some shovelling if you need to go out.