Woman charged with raping seven-year-old boy

The 32-year-old woman faces up to life in prison after being arrested for rape and sexual exploitation


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A 32-year-old woman faces life in prison after being arrested for rape and exploitation of children, the youngest being a seven-year-old boy.

Alexandria Leanne Turner from Sioux Falls in South Dakota, has been charged with one count of first degree rape, three counts of sexual contact with a child younger than 16 and three counts of sexual exploitation, as reported by the Argus Leader.

If convicted, Ms Turner faces life prison plus up to 15 years for each sexual contact charge, and an additional two years for each charge of sexual exploitation.

According to court documents, the Department of Social Services learned of the exploitation of children in July 2015 at a home in Sioux Falls.

The victim’s mother reported that her son was touched inappropriately while being cared for by a relative, according to the court record. The seven-year-old boy then disclosed the abuse to a forensic specialist at Child’s Voice medical clinic. 

Ms Turner was later arrested.

A similar case of an older woman exploiting younger boys rocked the same city in 2014. Anne Doubler was ordered to attend a mental health facility, escaping a life sentence, after she was caught naked with three boys aged between seven and 10.