Woman pulled from a burning vehicle in extraordinary video

Following the shocking incident, the couple are now homeless

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A woman was rescued from her burning camper van which then set alight at least two other vehicles in Pennsylvania, US.

According to ABC news, the couple inside the camper van – which is their permanent home – soon realised smoke was coming from their vehicle. As they tried to control the situation in the Pocono Mountain region in Pennsylvania, the brakes then failed.

Joseph Salace, the vehicle owner, explained: “We were just driving along and then all of a sudden smoke started rolling out of the back."

A woman trapped inside the vehicle was pulled from it by US navy veteran, Christopher Chmielnicki on Friday.


Describing his rescue, he explained: “I couldn’t see in front of me and then finally I felt her leg, the woman was unconscious so I picked her and dragged her to the front of the (vehicle). The flames were within about two feet of her.”

The woman, who suffered smoke inhalation, is believed to be recovering after narrowly avoiding severe burns.

The camper van set fire to at least two other vehicles before setting ablaze the power lines above.

Mr Chmielnicki described the street as looking like a “warzone”.