Woman's devastating mugshot after being arrested for assault on grandmother

Brigitte Matzke was booked for the 12th time in five years, with her mugshots revealing a tragic crystal meth decline

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A woman who roughed up her grandmother to get money for a hotel room has been arrested.

Brigitte Matzke, 25, and her husband Alex Caldwell, 26, allegedly assaulted the 84-year-old woman and stole $1,900 (£1,130) of items including jewellery before running off.

The police booking was Matzke’s 12th with Volusia County police, with her most recent mugshot tragically showing the development of the woman’s relationship with methamphetamine.

The couple were both charged with burglary assault/battery, battery on a person 65 years of age or older, false imprisonment, theft, possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia. Matzke was also charged with possession of cannabis.

She is being held in custody on a bail of $56,500 following the incident which happened at roughly 9.40pm on Monday in Port Orange, Florida.

Matzke had demanded that her grandmother give her $80, to which the elderly woman said she didn’t have the cash.

A tussle then ensued as Matzke attempted to force her way into the older woman’s bedroom, attempted to fight off her grandmother, ripped her bra off and twisted her wrists, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

As the grandmother tried to call police, the younger woman ripped the phone from the wall and threw the telephone at her.

The elder woman was left with a red mark under her eye and bruises on her wrists.

The couple were found by police at a petrol station later that night.

A series of mushots over the last three years appear to also show Matzke’s relationship with crystal meth and her devastating decline.

She had also been booked in 2009 for an unknown offence and a mugshot was not taken.

It comes as some parts of the US report seeing an increasing trade and consumption of crystal meth.

Police in Arizona, earlier this month, said that they had had the largest ever bust for crystal meth, seizing 14lbs of the methamphetamine.

"Several years ago we weren't having much crystal meth being imported into Vanderburgh County, but that's something that's kind of on the rise right now," said Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding, according to TristateHomepage.com.

"Our narcotics officers are starting to combat that problem."