World's tallest roller coaster looks like a complete ordeal in mock-up POV video

Ride climbs 570 feet before dropping and twisting

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Orlando, Florida is to get the world's highest roller coaster in 2017, when the Skyplex opens its harnesses.

To show off just how vertiginous and terrifying  the ride will be, its creators have created a point-of-view animation of it, putting you in the front seat.

The roller coaster twists and winds its way around a tower, climbing 570 feet before dropping riders over an angle more acute than a mere 90 degrees and barrel-rolling several times.

The Skyscraper will feature an observation deck for those who want to watch riders scream in terror, along with a 1,800-car parking garage. America!

"With the addition of The Skyscraper and the amazing Skyplex, Orlando will once again cement its reputation as the attractions capital of the world and the No. 1 vacation/convention destination," said Joshua Wallack, managing principal of Skyplex.

"We're certain this thrilling new iconic coaster and facility will attract countless more attraction enthusiasts and visitors to the area."