'You are not alone': US religious pressure group releases video for Catholics 'victimised' by gay marriage ruling

...and were immediately ridiculed by gay and Catholic commentators alike

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A Catholic campaign group has released a video pleading for tolerance and understanding for all those “oppressed” by the recent US Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage.

The video by Catholic Vote mimicks the confessional style of LGBT support videos.

Shot in black and white, tearful young Catholics tell viewers “they are not alone” and say they feel like they are marginalised “for being who they are”.

They say their views are starting to attract stigma with one adding, without a trace of irony: “No one should be looked down upon, no one’s views should be suppressed.”

Another says: “I am a little bit nervous about people kind of hearing that I am this way and then thinking ‘well she is not welcome here’.”

All confirm that they believe “marriage is between a man and a woman”.

Participants said they feel they will be rejected for "being who they are" and not believing in same sex marriage



Another begs for all the barriers to be broken down and for people “get to know all these people one on one”.

The video has provoked a backlash online and the video has so far received over 36,000 “thumbs down” on YouTube compared to just 2,800 likes.

One Catholic commentator on the video said: “As a 62-year-old Baptized practicing Catholic old woman, that baptized and raised as Catholic five sons, this website just might make me leave and become a Lutheran.

“It disgusts me that a Catholic organization is doing what Donald Trump does, promote hate.”

She said that if her parish priest had started using the same rhetoric from his pulpit she would walk out adding that the video had done an  “excellent job of driving Catholic [sic] to a different religion. Really do the work of your father Satan, who is our only true enemy”.

Another added: “When I first saw it, I actually thought it was a pro-gay group mocking conservatives.”


It has spawned numerous parodies since it was launched last week, including one by Youtube comedian Soundly Awake.

In the video, the three participants say they feel oppressed because they cannot expresses their racist and sexist views.

One said “I think the races should be segregated. Maybe  like Asian City or black land. At the end of the day I don’t think we should be ashamed of how we feel about things. So just be you. Unless you’re black. Or Asian. Or Latino. Or Arab. Or Native American. Or a woman.”

He later added that he doesn’t see his mind changing then stuck his fingers in his ears.

“Nobody’s views should be suppressed, especially if they oppress marginalised groups of people. Those are my favourite views.” added another.