ANC accepts constitution demand

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Nelson Mandela's ANC, which is trying to coax black and white conservatives into South Africa's first all-race election, accepted their demand for international mediation over the constitution, Reuter reports from Johannesburg.

The Inkatha Freedom Party leader, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Mr Mandela's main black rival, said he would accept the decision of foreign mediators under certain conditions. 'If the mediation is by an impartial body of constitutional experts, I will abide by their judgment,' he said.

North Korea nuclear inspection Experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency carried out their first inspection of North Korean nuclear facilities in more than a year, Reuter reports from Vienna. An IAEA spokesman said the agency had inspected facilities at Yongbyon, which the West suspects may be the site of a covert nuclear arms project.

South Korea said it had suspended joint military exercises with the United States, and Washington said it would resume talks with North Korea on 21 March in Geneva.