Angry protest in London

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SIX policemen were injured outside the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square yesterday when a protest against a US raid on supporters of General Mohammed Farah Aideed in Mogadishu turned violent. Nine of the group - made up mostly of Somalis living in London - were detained for questioning, writes Rhys Williams.

Hours later, five people demanding the withdrawl of US troops from Somalia were arrested after they tried to drape a banner from the public gallery in the House of Commons. A further 70 anti-war campaigners were removed from the central lobby outside the Chamber.

Four men and a woman climbed over seats from the back of the gallery and tried to drape a large yellow banner over the railings above the Chamber. They shouted: 'Get the American murderers out of Somalia.' They were quickly held by Commons badge messengers and escorted out. The banner was later retrieved from the floor of the chamber.

A spokeswoman for the Campaign Against Militarism, which organised the demonstrations, said: 'We are protesting tonight because the Somalis are not only being harassed in Mogadishu, they are also now being harassed in London.'