Arab press admits talks boosted Israel

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The official media of the radical Arab governments which reject peace with Israel predictably denounced the summit in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. But they have had to admit that the Hamas terrorist bombs have achieved what their campaign was designed to prevent - a recognition of the Jewish State by more Arab countries.

"The Israelis," wrote the political editor of the official Libyan news agency Jana, "have achieved through attending the conference everything they wanted including recognition from Saudi Arabia and Qatar''. The Qatari daily Asharq was hopeful: "The summit has condemned all attacks harming the peace process. This applies to all attacks whether Palestinian or Israeli."

In Saudi Arabia, which has been among the most wary of Arab states about engaging in direct contacts with Israel, the media gave extensive coverage to the summit.

In the Syrian capital Damascus, where Hamas have offices, Tishreen, the ruling Baath party daily said. "The only winner [at the summit] was the Zionist radicalism which opposes a just and comprehensive peace."