Armenia mobilises to drive out Azeri troops

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YEREVAN (AFP) - Armenia mobilised yesterday to drive out Azeri troops who seized the north-eastern part of the republic two days earlier, said Ruben Chugarian, the presidential spokesman. He said Armenia had also opened talks with the 11-nation Commonwealth of Independent States' officials to obtain military assistance.

Mr Chugarian said the Armenian Defence Ministry was doing everything possible to obtain modern equipment for the offensive and was attempting to upgrade its anti-air attack system.

Azerbaijan yesterday dismissed Armenian charges that it had launched 'undeclared war' in the Caucasus and said it had no fear that fellow CIS states would join the conflict on Armenia's side. Azerbaijan's Foreign Minister arrived in Ankara yesterday for talks on his country's conflict with Armenia over the disputed enclave of Nagorny Karabakh and on ways of boosting co-operation with Turkey. 'Turkey is our greatest helper,' Tofik Gasymov said. 'We want Turkey's aid in establishing links with the world.'