Bangkok bomb: Google customises Thai website in wake of attack that claimed 20 lives

More than 100 people are believed to have been injured in the attack

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Google has customised its Thai homepage in the wake of the Bangkok bomb that killed at least 22 people on Monday.

The giant search engine featured a small candle beneath its usual graphics on Tuesday morning in memory of the 22 people killed when an unknown assailant detonated a pipe bomb at a popular Hindu shrine at 7pm (local time) on Monday.

As Google paid tribute to those killed, Associated Press reported that 140 people had been injured in an attack labelled the “worst” ever by Thailand PM Prayuth Chan-Ocha.

The attack has not been claimed by any group or individual so far.

Information about the attack, which saw the Thai baht slide by 2.7 per cent (according to Reuters), remains scare.

Although authorities have been unwilling to disclose information about possible suspects, CCTV released by Thai police on Monday appeared to show an unidentified man wearing a yellow t-shirt near the shrine shortly before the attack.