Bangkok bombing: Police charge foreign suspect who 'looks like' man caught on CCTV

But they say he is not the man in a yellow T-shirt seen leaving a bag at the Erawan Shrine, where the blast two weeks ago killed 20

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Bangkok police have charged a man who they say is linked to the deadly Erawan Shrine blast two weeks ago.

The foreign suspect was arrested during a raid on an apartment block in the Thai capital, during which officers found some 200 suspected fake passports and materials which they said could be used to make another bomb.

He has now been charged with the illegal possesion of explosives, but officers said he also "looks like" a man seen on CCTV at the scene of a second blast, one day after the attack on Erawan which killed 20 people.

National police spokesman Prawut Thavornsiri said that they do not believe the detained man to be the prime suspect in the Erawan blast, identified in CCTV footage as a man wearing a yellow T-shirt leaving a bag at the scene.

Officials have not released the name or nationality of the 28-year-old, who has been in Thailand since January 2014.

Amid speculation as to the motives of the attacks on Bangkok two weeks ago, police have said they believe a "group" to be involved but have given no further details. On Saturday they said the detained man was "connected to both Bangkok blasts", without explaining their rationale further.

On Sunday, Prawut told the Channel 3 TV channel that authorities believe the arrest breakthrough could lead them to more suspects, and that 1,000 mobile phone numbers were being monitored and checks run on all the seized passports.

"We're not only using information about phone usage from this man, but also usage of the group," he said.

Speaking to the Reuters news agency, neighbours in the Nong Chok apartment block where the man was arrested said he had rented four rooms on the same floor, and that he had been seen entering and leaving the flats with a second, taller man several times each day.

"I still fear danger," a woman said. "We don't know if the other man has been arrested."