Bangkok rocket attack linked to Tesco

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A rocket-propelled grenade was fired into a building in Bangkok housing a ticket office of the Israeli airline El Al, police said.

But they said the intended target may have been a department store and supermarket partly owned by Tesco. Tesco Lotus stores in Thailand have been the target of several small bombs this year that have killed one person and injured others. The attacks are believed to be linked to a dispute over a contract to provide security for the chain. A Tesco spokesman refused to comment on the claims.

There were no casualties in the early morning attack, but some damage to the facade of the 15-storey Manorom building, said Lt Gen Anan Piromkaew, chief of the metropolitan police. He said the grenade was fired from the ground and went over the Tesco Lotus store before hitting the offices.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. An army officer who runs a private security firm was charged in July with masterminding previous attacks against Tesco Lotus stores. (AP)