Boy 'tortured and killed' after stealing a mobile phone in Bangladesh

Protests have been staged in Bangladesh in response to recent high-profile lynching of children

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A teenage boy has been “tortured and killed” in Bangladesh after allegedly stealing a mobile phone, it has been reported.

Mohammad Raja, 17, was found with severe injuries in the Hazaribagh area of Dhaka. Family members said the boy had been confronted by a neighbour who claimed the teenager had stolen a mobile phone.

He was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries.

Local police told CNN they believe the boy was tortured and “lynched” because of a suspected theft. They said they have arrested three people in connection with the incident.

Mohammad is the fourth boy to have been beaten to death in the region in the last five weeks in response to a suspected theft. Lynching and mob attacks are not uncommon responses to thefts in some parts of Bangladesh.

Public protests were held in July after the killing of a 13-year-old boy was recorded and posted on social media. The boy was accused of stealing a rickshaw. The video showed at least thirteen men beating him with metal bars.