British soldier dies in gunfight with Taliban

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A British soldier has died in heavy fighting in Helmand province as the British commander in the province defended their deployment.

The soldier, whose identity had not been released last night, was serving with the 14 Signals Regiment and died after an attack on the British Platoon House in Musa Qala early yesterday morning.

His death followed that of two French special forces soldiers in the east of the country on Friday.

Brigadier Ed Butler, the commander of British forces in the province, told reporters that British forces were able to absorb the current level of attacks.

The British base in Musa Qala has continued to average two or three engagements with Taliban forces a day during recent weeks.

The British general who is in command of Nato forces in Afghanistan, Lieutenant-General David Richards, has compared the intense fighting in Helmand to the Korean and Second World Wars.