British soldier killed in Afghan blast

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A British soldier died today and four others were injured following an explosion near a military base in the Afghan capital Kabul, the Ministry of Defence said.

The suspected attack on a vehicle carrying the British soldiers, who are part of an international peacekeeping force, came at around 6.30am (UK time).

A spokesman for the MoD said: "We have had a fatality in Afghanistan. The total number is one fatality and four injured. The explosion took place at 11am local time."

Reports suggested the explosion could have been the result of a suicide bomb attack on the British vehicle.

But the MoD spokesman said it was not yet known whether it had been caused by a suicide attack or a makeshift bomb.

"We are still trying to get people down to the scene," he said. "All we know is that there was an explosion involving one of our vehicles."

He added that he did not know whether any of the four injured British soldiers had been seriously hurt.

The explosion came at around the same time as a suspected suicide attack just east of Kabul, near a German military base, that injured five foreigners.

Both attacks happened during a memorial ceremony for a Canadian soldier, who was killed in a suicide attack in Kabul yesterday.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for yesterday's attack and alleged it would be the start of a campaign of suicide bombings across the country.