Burglary victim comes face to face with man using his stolen credit card in freak coincidence at China bank

Failing to provide ID, it was realised that a man was trying to impersonate the burglary victim standing right next to him

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The victim of a burglary came face to face with the man who reportedly stole from him, when the man tried to withdraw from his account at the same time he was reporting his card stolen.

In a freak coincidence, Wen Sun went to victim Feng Wan’s bank at the same time as him and tried to withdraw cash over the counter.

He had allegedly taken £400 in cash along with two bank cards in Shangrao, eastern China's Jiangxi Province.

Failing to provide ID for the teller, it was then realised that Wen Sung was trying to impersonate the man standing right next to him.


Clerk Ye Lu said: ‘I asked him to fill in the appropriate paperwork at another desk. During the waiting another man walked in and he wanted to withdraw money with two deposit books.

‘Once I looked at the first deposit book I felt a bit weird as the printed name is exactly the same as the one who just reported loss.’

She added: ‘The second man wanted to withdraw 10,000 Yuan (£1,000), but for two consecutive times he put the wrong password.

‘At the same time the first client passed me the filled form and I found the information he filled is exactly the same on the deposit books.’



Sun was caught in the bank and wrestled to the floor before being arrested.