CCTV footage shows one-year-old baby board bus alone in China

The Bus' passengers took it in turns to look after the child as police searched for his mother

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CCTV has captured the incredible moment a one-year-old child in Central China wandered off from his mother and crawled aboard a bus.

The surveillance camera footage taken from a public bus in Changsha, Hunan Province on 20 January shows confused passengers watching the toddler as he gets onto the bus alone.

As the bus begins to move off onlookers soon realise that the toddler has no adult supervision and alert the bus’ driver, who stops the vehicle to call the police so that they can locate the child’s parents.

As police search for the child’s mother, the passengers are seen taking it in turns to look after the boy.

It took authorities an hour to track down the mother, who said the boy had been playing outside her mobile phone shop when he wandered off.

On being reunited with her son, she told reporters that she was delighted that her son had been returned safe and that she was extremely grateful to the bus’ passengers and driver for looking after her child.