Chinese traffic police chase 3,000 chickens after escape on major road

Why did 3,000 chickens cross the road? To make a bid for freedom

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Chinese transport police found themselves faced with the unenviable task of catching 3,000 escaped chickens after the lorry they were being transported in overturned on a major road.

Traffic police in the Guizhou Province had to shut the road to all other vehicles and catch the animals, most of which had escaped from their pens after the vehicle swerved while driving through dense fog and tipped over, releasing the birds.

Chinese policeman were then forced to chase the fowl through nearby bushes after they ran off the motorway and into the surrounding overgrowth.

They were filmed creeping up on the animals before trying to grab them and force them back into their cages.

But even the best attempts of exasperated police proved rather futile however, and they were only able to round up around 900 of the 3,000 chickens. The rest managed to evade capture and make a break for it, and now presumably continue to live in the wild.