Coca-cola to introduce world’s first canned hot fizzy drink in Japan

New technology to make drinks that are both heated and carbonated has taken four years' research to build

Coca-Cola will mark a world first in the soft drinks market when it launches its latest product in Japan – a hot, fizzy, spicy ginger ale product sold in a can from vending machines.

It’s a heady combination, and has taken four years of challenging research and development work to come up with the technology required to create a warm drink that remains carbonated in the process.

The flavour involved in this ground-breaking innovation is Canada Dry Ginger Ale, a new offering featuring ginger extract and hints of apple and cinnamon.

Japan already has a stomach for warm beverages coming in packages we might regard as unusual – there it is common for vending machines to stock a range of products of varying temperatures.

That could be why Coca-Cola is, for the time being, only launching the product in the Far East – and just in time for the onset of bitter autumn temperatures.

The drinks company, which has been based in Atlanta since the 19th century, told the local Atlanta Journal-Constitution that spiced hot drinks are already popular in Japan, especially during the colder months.

The first fizzy one is set to go on sale on 21 October, with a “double-chambered” aluminium can design that insulates the liquid and protects the drinker’s hand from its heat.

The 180ml winter warmer will cost 120 Japanese yen – about 75p.