Collapsed Bangladesh factory 'miracle' among longest survivals

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The death-toll in the Rana Plaza factory disaster yesterday rose to 1,081, but Bangladesh was still absorbing the miraculous survival of Reshma Begum, pulled from the wreckage after 17 days.

John Holland, co-founder of RAPID-International, an emergency rescue organisation, described her survival as "well outside the norm", as demonstrated by our table, right, of how long victims have survived after a disaster.

He added that it is possible there are still survivors in the Rana Plaza basement.

Survival records

1. 2010 Copiapó mining accident (Chile); 69 days

2. 2013 Bangladesh factory collapse; 17 days

3. 2010 Haiti earthquake; 15 days

4. 2011 Van earthquake (Turkey); 15 days

5. 2006 Beaconsfield mine collapse (Australia); 14 days

6. 1963 "The Miracle of Lengede" (Germany); 14 days

7. 2010 Haiti earthquake; 12 days

8. 2010 Haiti earthquake; 11 days

9. 1999 Taipei earthquake (Taiwan); 8 days

10. 1990 Luzon earthquake (Philippines); 8 days