Doctor ‘cut off wife's hands’

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A newlywed doctor who suspected his wife of having an affair with her cousin has been accused of chopping off their hands.

Gursahib Singh and two others were arrested by police in a border town of Punjab after his wife of six months Kulbir Kaur and her cousin Manpreet Singh were mutilated.

The three were accused of getting Mr Singh drunk before using a large knife to chop off one of his hands. Later the doctor allegedly went home and chopped off his wife’s right hand.

The three suspects put the limbs in a bag and later dumped them in a rubbish bin.

Police recovered the limbs from the bin but doctors were unable to sew them back on.

Sukhwinder Singh, a doctor from the local hospital, told the New Indian Express newspaper: “The limbs were recovered after over 12 hours. Now they cannot be put back.

“If they had been recovered within the first six hours of the incident, we could have saved their hands."

Police superintendent MS Sidhu confirmed that the three suspects had been arrested and added that suspicions of an affair were the motivation of the crime.

This article is from The Belfast Telegraph