Exploding manhole cover knocks boy to the ground after he drops lit firecracker into sewer

One of the boy's friends had to be rescued by police after nearly falling into the sewer

This is why you don’t throw a firecracker down the drain.

A video from China shows the moment a young boy is knocked to the ground after dropping a lit firecracker down a manhole.

The blast also saw one of the boy’s friends narrowly avoid falling down the drain after one of the manhole covers was removed by the blast.

The footage taken from CCTV in Rizhao City, shows the boy dropping the firecracker down the hole in a bid to try and impress a group of friends.

It doesn’t quite turn out how he planned though, with the exploding firecracker launching the boy backwards, while his friends take cover.

The blast saw two manhole covers removed with one of the boy’s friends having to be rescued by police after nearly falling down one of the uncovered holes.

Speaking after the event, a spokesman for the city’s security bureau said none of the children were injured.

With Chinese New Year approaching, this isn’t the first incident reported incident involving children and fireworks in the last week. On Monday, a video was released showing a five-year-old boy being blasted into the air by an exploding manhole cover after he decided it was a good idea to place a lit firecracker underneath it.