Family query corruption chief Xie Yexin's 'suicide'


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The family of a Chinese anti-corruption investigator has demanded an inquiry after authorities claimed he stabbed himself to death several weeks after he was taken off an investigation into a Communist Party official.

Officials said that Xie Yexin, 46, had 11 stab wounds from a knife, the handle of which was wrapped in tissue paper. There was no sign of a struggle.

"We think he committed suicide. It is not a criminal case and we have no obligation to investigate," said Wang Jianping, a public security official.

Several weeks before, Mr Xie had been part of a team investigating a corruption case involving a local party chief in Hubei province, the Global Times newspaper reported.

Mr Wang said Mr Xie's mobile phone was turned off when they found him but gave no more details because of "something confidential". The dead man's family disagrees with the suicide verdict and wants a full investigation.

"On the day Xie died, his mood was docile and he called several people. He planned to send his daughter to school on Sunday. Xie had no motive to commit suicide," a family member said.