Fight breaks out mid-flight over crying baby on board causing pilot to threaten emergency landing

The flight from China to Hong Kong saw three women hitting each other during the brawl

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A fight between three women broke out mid-flight caused by two passengers’ issue with a crying baby.

The Daily Mail reports that the fight, which involved the mother of the baby and two complaining women, escalated from shouting to the three throwing punches at each other, and the pilot threatening to perform an emergency landing if they did not desist.

A picture taken during the brawl on the flight from Chongqing to Hong Kong shows a woman appearing to have her head pushed upwards and hit into an overhead locker, before cabin crew broke up the fight.

The fight reportedly started on Wednesday’s Air China flight after two women complained to the 27-year-old mother that they had been woken by the baby’s crying.

One passenger who was sat next to the women said they started telling the mother to “shut the baby up”.

The mother reportedly shouted back before leaning over the seat and punching the other women, who fought back.

“They were fighting, the baby was now screaming and other passengers were shouting. It was like some bizarre film,” Xiong Wan told the newspaper.

The pilot did not perform an emergency landing, but Hong Kong police were at the airport ready to interview the passengers.

An Air China spokesperson said that passengers “cannot behave like this” and that each individual is required to adhere to aviation laws to ensure a safe flight.