Firefighters rescue child dangling from third-floor window

The three-year-old was caught in the window bars of his parent's flat in China

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Firefighters in China came to the rescue of a young boy who was left dangling from the third floor of an apartment building.

Footage of the rescue shows that the three-year-old child got his chest stuck between the bars surrounding the window of his parent's flat in Rizhao city in east China's Shandong Province.

His mother can be seen holding on the young boy's arms to stop the toddler from falling any further, yet it is clear she cannot pull him up as he is wedged in.

A fire truck arrives below and a ladder is hoisted into position. A fireman then pushes the young boy up as another firefighter pulls the child from inside the flat.

The rescue attempt alone only takes roughly five minutes, although the ordeal must have felt like it lasted much longer for the mother and the terrified toddler.