Firefighters rescue man dragged under the wheels of a truck

Video: Rescuers dismantled part of the truck to rescue the injured man

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Firefighters in eastern China have rescued a man who was dragged under the wheels of a truck on a motorway.

The man in question was cycling along the road when he came to a busy intersection. He was then hit by a passing truck and the large vehicle dragged the man and his bike along the road, trapping him underneath.

Firefighters soon reached the scene and spent an agonising 40 minutes attempting to free the man from beneath the truck. They had to partially dismantle the vehicle in order to rescue the man, who could be seen bleeding from his head. His bike can be seen beside him with one of the wheels completely mangled.

He was rushed to hospital where the doctors said he had suffered a serious head injury and fractured his ribs, but he was now in a stable condition.