Four held after 'Triad' boss is disembowelled and hacked to death with meat cleaver outside Hong Kong hospital

According to reports police have arrested four men aged 18 to 30

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Police have arrested four people in connection with the brutal slaying of triad leader who was disembowelled and hacked to death by two masked men in Hong Kong.

Mouse Shing, said to be a don in Wo Shing Wo, one of the most notorious triad gangs in Hong Kong, was killed in broad daylight outside a hospital as passers-by watched in horror. Wo Shing Wo controls minibus routes in the city and is involved with underground gambling dens, drug trafficking and pirated goods. 

Police said they were investigating whether the particularly brutal assault was an act of revenge by another triad society. The victim, surnamed Tse, suffered multiple wounds to his back, chest, arms and thighs.

“His belly was open and his intestines were just hanging out,” one eyewitness told local media.

Mr Tse had just seen a doctor for a leg injury from another attack and was hobbling away with the aid of a walking stick around 1 pm on Sunday when two men in black attacked him with an axe and meat cleaver. He was wheeled back into the hospital, and pronounced dead at 2.32pm.

After the attack two men fled in a white car. Hong Kong police yesterday arrested four men aged between 18 to 30 over the killing.

About 60 people, believed to be members of Tse’s family and the Wo Shing Wo triad, held a vigil at the attack scene on Monday night.

The murder was similar to the 2009 killing of the Sun Yee On triad boss Lee Tai-lung, who was run over by a car and then hacked to death.

Mouse Shing’s murder comes at a troubled time for the Wo Shing Wo triad. Last month, two factions of the organisation were penetrated by an undercover police agent, and 63 people were arrested, including 16 secondary school pupils, with the youngest just 13 years old.

The operation, codenamed “Highscorer”, produced a list of 80 triad members with evidence of  the groups’ illegal activities. Both factions were active in the Kwai Chung and Tsim Sha Tsui areas, police said.