Giant inflatable duck in Hong Kong dominates Victoria Harbour

Florentijn Hofman's giant duck is quackers

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A giant inflatable duck has dominated the view of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour, following weeks of anticipation in the local media.

The 16-story duck is the brainchild of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and has been a massive talking point around the region since its conception.

The bright-yellow duck drifted through the water as a brass band played to celebrate its arrival.

Hofman, the 16.5 meter duck's creator, was overwhelmed by the response to his masterpiece, adding how pleased he was to finally have made it to the region.

He said:"I've wanted to come [to Hong Kong] for years -- and my duck made it here before me!"

Millions of workers, whose offices are blessed with a river view, halted work to see the giant duck while thousands of other people at ground level were seen taking pictures.

"Hong Kong has been changed forever," Hofman declared, adding that his art represents the union of the world's people.

"We're one family and all the waters in the world is our global bathtub," he said.

The duck will be in the harbour until June 9 and on display in a "confidential" location in the United States thereafter.