Hippo left stranded for hours after jumping from a moving truck in Taiwan

The hippo apparently became scared while being transported and lay injured on the road for hours

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A hippopotamus was left lying injured on the side of the road for hours after making a panicked jump from a truck in Taiwan.

Local witness reports suggest the hippo "jumped" from a truck window as it was being transported through Miaoli county in the western part of Taiwan.

Upon escaping the truck, the hippo landed on a parked car and then tumbled onto the road. The sound of the hippo hitting the car alerted locals who rushed out to see the badly injured hippo stranded on the road and they called police instantly.

Distressing images of the hippo show white fluid oozing from its eyes, and the creature suffered a broken tooth and leg, the latter meaning the creature could not move after it had fallen onto the road.

Warning: Some viewers may find the following video distressing

The South China Morning Post reported that the animal was called "A Ho" and lay on the road for several hours before it was put into a cargo container and taken to a nearby lake to receive treatment. Officials said the hippo was taken back to its original farm in central Taichung city.

"A Ho" is apparently a main attraction at its local farm and the hippo has even appeared in a Taiwanese soap opera.

Taiwanese authorities reported that the hippo's owner could face a fine of NT$75,000 (£1,500) for violating animal protection laws due to the injuries the hippo suffered while in transit.