Hong Kong care home denies wrongdoing after dead patient found with 'foreign objects' inside him

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The death of an elderly care home patient is being investigated after he was found with foreign objects inside him.

The man, only known by his surname, Wong, was admitted to the United Christian Hospital in Hong Kong with vomiting, diarrhoea and breathing difficulties.

Mr Wong, who was also said to be suffering from mental health problems, had low blood oxygen and blood pressure levels, the South China Morning Post reported.

When staff at the hospital stated treating him they found numerous “foreign objects” in his anus.

The incident took place in February; but the broader details have only recently emerged. 

The care home where he was resident is also likely to be investigated but has issued a statement denying involvement.. The SCMP 

“Our employees definitely do not know how, or have the expertise or skills, to be able to put foreign objects far up into a [patient’s] anus,” the Cambridge Nursing Home told the SCMP.

The establishment, in Kwun Tong district, has been investigated by police before, the SCMP reports, although no illegalities have been proven.

A staff member at a different branch of the same company was last year found guilty of common assault after hitting a patient.  

The incident came to light after another patient recorded the incident on her smartphone.  

Also last year, video recorded at the same care home showed patients having to undress and wait outdoors before being taken to an indoor shower area.

In response to the second allegation, the co-founder of the home, Irene Luk Ngai-Ling, said that one worker had been sacked and others reprimanded. 

She told SCMP in 2015: "We have been teaching [the staff] for a decade at all meetings, and even require them to make pledges [to treat the residents properly], but those [staff] are really hopeless."