Hong Kong: Feng shui master forged lover’s will to claim $4bn


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A Hong Kong jury has found the lover of the late billionaire Nina Wang guilty of forging a will that named him the sole beneficiary of her estimated $4bn estate.

After more than 20 hours of deliberations, the jury convicted feng shui master Peter Chan, formerly known as Tony Chan, on a charge of forgery. Chan denied the charge.

Wang, known as “Little Sweetie”, was one of Asia’s wealthiest women, with a business empire including Hong Kong’s largest private property developer. The widow of Hong Kong industrialist Teddy Wang, who disappeared in 1990 after being kidnapped, died of cancer in 2007 aged 69.

The verdict is the latest setback for Chan, who is married. In March he was ordered to pay HK$340m (£29m) in tax arrears, and has been hit by the costly legal battle for Wang’s estate. Chan changed his name from Tony after losing the battle for her estate in 2011, and converted to Christianity this year. Ms Wang’s fortune will now go to charity.

Chan is expected to be sentenced tomorrow.