Hong Kong premier tells public to act like sheep

Leader is referring to the new Chinese lunar Year of the Sheep

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The chief executive of Hong Kong, CY Leung, has told the public to be more like sheep in a personal video address commemorating the start of the lunar new Year of the Goat, also known as the Year of the Sheep.

“The 12 Chinese zodiac animals represent 12 character types. Sheep are widely seen to be mild and gentle animals living peacefully in groups,” he said in his address.

“Last year was no easy ride for Hong Kong. Our society was rife with differences and conflicts.

“In the coming year, I hope that all people in Hong Kong will take inspiration from the sheep’s character and pull together in an accommodating manner to work for Hong Kong’s future.”


Mr Leung’s video comes in the wake of a turbulent year for Hong Kong, during which the so-called “Umbrella Movement” of student protests attempted unsuccessfully to call for his resignation.

Mr Leung, also nicknamed “the wolf” by his critics for his political cunning, has remained in power despite continued protests.

Protesters from the 'Umbrella Movement' clash with police last September (Getty)