Hong Kong protest: Watch as pro-democracy ‘Umbrella Revolution’ protesters stand-off against Chinese police

Scenes of chaos as protesters clash with security forces over democratic reforms

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Chaotic scenes on the streets of Hong Kong and violent clashes between demonstrators and security services have continued into their fourth day as thousands of activists occupy the city’s financial centre.

Hong Kong’s prominent Occupy Central movement joined forces with student protesters after a week of demonstrations and a general strike.

This weekend’s confrontations were characterised by the use of pepper spray and tear gas by Hong Kong police.

Disillusionment over obstruction by Beijing of democratic reforms in the former British colony gathered pace on Friday when students stormed Honk Kong’s administrative centre. The latest developments include:

  • Security forces pull back from the occupation in the heart of Hong Kong’s financial district

  • Chinese authorities block Instagram in efforts to stifle the protest

  • Protesters have been seen cleaning up following last night’s clashes

  • Police attempt to negotiate access for commuters through the protests

  • Hong Kong Chief Executive, Leung Chun-ying, says Chinese troops will not be deployed to quell the protests

  • Banks close in central Hong Kong as a result of the action

  • Chun-ying calls on protestors to remain calm

Watch here:

Chinese authorities have declared the demonstrations illegal.

Additional reporting from Reuters