Hong Kong protest: Watch live as ‘Umbrella Revolution’ pro-democracy demonstrators continue their occupation

The stand-off between student-led protesters and police has continued into its fifth day

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Protests in Hong Kong have continued to bring the city’s financial district to an effective standstill as demonstrators demand an end to Beijing’s interference in elections.

This weekend’s protests, following the storming of the city’s administrative headquarters on Friday, were at times characterised by violent clashes as security forces used pepper spray and tear gas against the occupiers.

After the withdrawal of Honk Kong police from the immediate area of the protest, tensions have cooled. Last night tens of thousands of protesters held a “mobile light” vigil. The protesters have been referred to on social media as the world’s politest protesters as they clean debris left by the occupation from roads and pavements. The latest developments include:


  • Honk Kong’s Beijing-backed Chief Executive says China will stand firm against protesters

  • Occupy Central gives authorities until tomorrow to meet its demands

  • A driver in a Mercedes-Benz drives through throngs of crowds

  • Schools remain closed in some Hong Kong districts

  • The White House says it supports the aspirations of Hong Kong people

  • David Cameron says he is deeply concerned by Hong Kong clashes

Watch here:

However the deadlock is expected to escalate once again tomorrow as China celebrates its National Holiday with neither side showing signs of backing down.

Chinese authorities have declared the protests illegal and are heavily censoring their coverage in Chinese media and online.

Additional reporting from Reuters