Hong Kong protests live: Watch Wednesday's protest as students and officials find no compromise

Watch the student protests in Hong Kong after recent talks failed to find any common ground

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Watch footage as Wednesday's protests unfold in Hong Kong.

Student leaders and government officials met on Tuesday but they did not find any notable agreements, with Hong Kong's Beijing-backed leader reiterating his unwillingness to compromise with the key demand of student activists.

The protests on the streets of Hong Kong have now entered their fourth week.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said the government won't let the public nominate candidates to run in elections to succeed him in 2017, a major demand of the thousands of protesters occupying streets across the city. He only said there was room to discuss how to form the key 1,200-member nominating committee.

Leung's comments came ahead of televised talks between government officials and student leaders on Tuesday.

Student leader Alex Chow attacked Leung's comments from Monday when he argued that Hong Kong should not have broader democracy because the poor would have too much say in setting policies.

Talks have taken place in the midst of increasingly violent clashes between protesters and police.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, officers used pepper spray on demonstrators in the shopping district of Mong Kok, parts of which have been closed to road traffic by the demonstrators since the end of September.

Additional reporting from AP.