In pictures: Kung fu fighting children in Nepal


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A boy grasps a sword in one hand as if he is about to strike while another performs a jumping kick into the air.

These are no ordinary group of children, they are part of the Lakhe Tirtha Wushu Guan, a training academy in Nepal that teaches children the ancient art of Wushu or Kung fu.

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The school has been set up by Nepalese pair Dhan Kumar Ghising and Lessa Shrestha Ghising, who oversee the children's tutelage during lessons. The classes are open to boys and girls aged between five and six and teaches them self-defence.

Training takes place at an open community ground in Kathmandu, Nepal. Although it appears sparse, the open ground allows the children to safely train with plenty of room to practice their martial art moves.

The Lakhe Tirtha Wushu Guan is formally associated with the International Wushu Federation-China and the children are gearing up for the upcoming national and international games.

Wushu is thought to be thousands of years old and is thought to have developed from hunting techniques and military training.