Indian man arrested after he reportedly tried to bury his 9-year-old daughter alive

Police sources claim the father was motivated by his 'dislike' of daughter

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An Indian man has been arrested after he allegedly attempted to bury his 9-year-old daughter alive.

Adul Hussein allegedly dug a pit in the back garden of his home in Putia, a small village near the India-Bangladesh border, while his wife was away from the house on Friday afternoon.

Police sources told Indian news channel NDTV that the man’s “dislike” of his daughter Rukshena prompted his actions.

Hussein reportedly tied Rukshena’s hands and feet together before placing tape over her mouth and placing her in the hole, which came up to her chest as pictures show.

Interrupted by the return of his wife, Hussein hastily placed a bamboo-drum over his daughter’s head but his wife was suspicious and raised the alarm.

Neighbours – who some reports indicate saw Rukshena being buried earlier – found the child, afterwards reportedly attacking Hussein before handing him over to the local police force, according to The Times of India.

Amal Chakraborty, the officer-in-charge of the local police station told NDTV: "Abul Hussein was roughed up by the people who rescued the girl from half-buried condition.”

He has been arrested on attempted murder and will remain in custody until 20 January.  

Rukshena is believed to be in hospital in a serious but stable condition.