Indonesian television channel 'airs mock-up of how prisoners are executed by firing squad'

Demonstration came shortly before five prisoners were executed

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An Indonesian television channel has reportedly aired a disturbing demonstration showing how prisoners are executed by firing squad.

Indonesia TV One aired a recreation of the executions shortly before five prisoners were killed in January, The Daily Telegraph reports.

In a segment highlighted by the newspaper, one of its presenters could be seen standing next to a figure dressed in white with a black bag around its head and its arms tied behind its back.

Holgrams of figures holding guns, presumably the firing squad, are then shown as the presenter explains that they will fire three rounds at the condemned person.

The demonstration was picked-up by Australian media as the executions of Myuran Sukumaran, 33, and Andrew Chan, 31, were postponed because of what authorities said were medical concerns and families' requests for more time with the prisoners.

Both men were sentenced to death in 2006 after being convicted of trying to smuggle 18lb (8kg) of heroin out of Indonesia as part of a group known in the media as the Bali Nine.

Indonesia follows a list of 27 rules for execution by firing squad, which reportedly includes drawing a black mark on the person’s clothes to ease identification for shooters.

The prisoner is then allegedly given three minutes prior to shots being fired to “calm down” and a member of the clergy is present.

The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott drew strong criticism from Jakarta on Wednesday for pleading for clemency for the pair by highlighting Australia's aid to Indonesia after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

In response, the Indonesian Foreign ministry spokesman Armanatha Nasir warned that "threats are not part of diplomatic language and no one responds well to threats".

Additional reporting by Reuters