Isis calls on millions of Muslims to kill ‘Russian apostates’ and promises to attack Vladimir Putin in new video

Muslims in Russia are told to join Isis fighters in Syria and if they can’t to ‘fight the apostates’ either ‘with a rope or a knife’

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Islamic State militants have reportedly released a new video calling on millions of Muslims in Russia to “kill apostates” in the country “using a rope or a knife,” while vowing to attack President Vladimir Putin.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the video has been released by the Northern Caucasus branch of Isis across social media channels and shows a Russian news report about a car bombing in the Dagestan province last month that killed two police officers.

The group’s deputy emir, Abu Yasser, reportedly calls on “brave brothers” and the “millions of Muslims in Russia” to join together and “seize a territory” where they will be able to implement Sharia law.

He reportedly tells those who cannot travel to Isis to “target the apostates wherever they are, using a rope or a knife”.

Yasser then claims that “Allah has given us this iron missile,” indicating a large artillery shell he is kneeling next to, and reportedly threatens to use it to attack President Putin by adding, “and we will use it against the Taghut [apostate] Putin and his friends, the dogs”.

The video ends with the apparent execution of a man the militants claim is a Russian spy.

Isis militants executed more than five Russian nationals in the North Caucasus in December last year that were reportedly accused of “spying”.  Months previously Russian officials claimed to have killed eight suspected militants linked to Isis and had been killed by Russian troops near Chechnya.

At the time, officials estimated over 1,000 Russian nationals had joined Isis.