Karzai in tears over Afghan violence

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The beleaguered Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, broke down in tears yesterday as he denounced the violence ravaging his country.

Speaking at a school, President Karzai warned that the country's bloody insurgency was driving a generation of Afghans to live abroad. News that a suicide attack had killed another government official did nothing to soothe his emotions.

"Our sons cannot go to school because of bombs and suicide attacks," he said and expressed fears that his own son would be forced to leave the country. "I swear to God I'm worried, I'm worried, oh people, I'm worried."

Television coverage of the event beamed images of the tearful leader around the country, and recalled a similar scene when the President broke down in public during a speech about civilian casualties. In a conservative, patriarchal society it did little to improve his public standing.