Kim Jong-un builds a visitor centre to improve tourism infrastructure in North Korea

North Korea recives around 100,000 tourists a year, mostly from China

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The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has built a visitors centre in an attempt to attract more tourists.

The repressive state currently receives around 100,000 leisure visitors every year; most of them Chinese in tour groups.

However, to try and increase the number of visitors, Kim Jong-un has invested £7 million in a hub for tourists, according to the Mirror.

In addition, border controls are to be relaxed for day trips between Dandong in China and Sinuiji in the north-west North Korea. 

At a cost of £83 per person, the day trips also come with numerous rules for their conduct while inside the secretive country.

For instance, they are banned from brining in any type of media, from newspapers to USB sticks, which contains information about the outside world.

Visitors are also banned from photographing ‘poor people’ or using binoculars whilst in North Korea, the Mirror reports.

North Korea has been the subject of intense criticism in recent weeks following a nuclear test and a satellite launch on a long range rocket.  

The US has responded by sending a shipment of Patriot missiles to South Korea.