Malaysia death toll rises: 37 killed as bus plunges into ravine

Accident occurred near popular tourist resort

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A bus carrying dozens of passengers has plunged into a deep ravine near a highland resort in Malaysia, killing 37 people, an official said.

Sixteen people are reported to have survived the accident, which occurred on a winding slope in the central Genting Highlands, according to fire department officer Azizan Ismail.

The bus, which fell approximately 60 metres (200 ft) into the ravine, was transporting mostly Malaysians and several tourists thought to be from the Middle East, Azizan told reporters.

One body has so far been recovered from the bus, with 32 more remaining inside the vehicle. All those left inside were dead, the spokesman said. He continued, “We’ve extricated all those who were alive and could be saved.”

A number of passengers were rescued alive from the crash site and taken to nearby hospitals.

More than 200 firefighters, police and medical officers used ropes and cranes to reach the bus, which landed in area not accessible by road.

The bus had been heading to country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur.

The Genting Highlands, home to Malaysia’s only casino, is a popular destination for thousands of tourists from around the country and overseas, with many coming from Singapore and China.

Such road accidents are rare on the area’s well-maintained roads.